Published Date : 2018-05-24 (Modified Date : 2019-02-14)

1. Long Term Objectives
- Development of suitable breeds of cattle for hill and Terai belts in collaboration with Animal Breeding Division of Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC) and Institutes of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.
- Conservation through utilization of endangered domestic animal genetic resources, such as Yak, Lulu, and Achhamee cattle, Bhyanglung, Baruwal, Kage, and Lampuchhre sheep, Chyangra, and Khari goat, Chwanche, and Hurrah Pig, and Sakini fowl, through sustainable group breeding scheme.
- Increase production and productivity of nondescript animals by cross breeding through artificial and natural breeding.
- Develop establishment of organized resource farms in private sector, for improved animal genetic resource supply, especially, through progeny testing program.
- Substitute import of milk and meat, by increasing domestic production.

2. Short and Medium-term
- Complete characterization, identification, selection, conservation and utilization of indigenous animal genetic resources, for better production and productivity.
- Increase the productivity of cattle and buffalo, through artificial insemination program in road approachable areas, and natural breeding in remote areas.
- Provide technical guidelines for the establishment of improved animal genetic resource (cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, pig and poultry) centers in private sector.
- Select superior sires and dams of cattle and buffalo bulls to be used for frozen semen production.
- Introduce and practice Embryo Transfer Technology.
- Expand AI coverage through intensive AI program and privatization of AI service in potential areas.